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Ask Rebecca Anything!

The following questions are from real people with everyday challenges asking for my perspective. 

  • First of all, happiness is more than a feeling. Real happiness is a state of being that cannot be taken or shaken without your permission. Learning how to sustain happiness, no matter what the circumstances, is a highly-developed skill that takes years (yes, I said years) of commitment and practice. Think about it: Michael Jordan didn’t become the world’s best basketball player overnight.  

    Prioritize Happiness. Merely wanting to be happy is not enough. You must want to be happy with the same intensity and fervor you have as a need to breathe. In reality, sustaining happiness is a never-ending 24/7, 365 days a year, full-time job. The compelling results, however, are worth the commitment. Who doesn’t want heaven on Earth?

    Practice. Practice behaviors that add to your happiness and eliminate behaviors that don’t. Sounds simple enough, but more often than not, we consciously or unconsciously find ourselves engaging in daily behaviors that actually subtract from our happiness! Can you name behaviors and thoughts that add to your happiness? Can you name behaviors and thoughts that subtract from your happiness? That is the first step—recognize which behaviors and thoughts add or subtract from your happiness. 

    Patience. Be patient with yourself. New behaviors and new thoughts take time to integrate into your life. It took time to develop into who you are now, and it will take time to develop into who you will become. You’ll find that your journey will mirror the moves of the queen in a chess match: forward, backwards, diagonal, and sideways. The exciting news is that every move will be considered progress. 

    Love is patient. Love is kind. Be patient with yourself. Be your own best friend.

    Love, Rebecca

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