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Since taking the “Truth about Happiness” class with Rebecca Norrington, the most important thing that I have learned is the fact that I am in charge of my own happiness!  I am the only one who can change the things in my life for the better and nobody else. These better changes to my life may happen right away or they can take years of small, baby steps. Another very useful tool that I use quite regularly is not to expect anything. When I expect something and it doesn’t work out, it takes away from my happiness which leaves me resentful and unhappy. Now, I wake up every morning blessed with a new day and its challenges. I continue to have a positive attitude, while experiencing happiness without expectations, and without judgement or labels! Happiness is definitely the better choice to a full and satisfying life.

Marie C., CA

As a physician, I’m always under extreme pressure and stress. I took “The Importance of Happiness” class when I was going through a lot of emotional stress last year.  At beginning it was kind of a clash of my belief and I was taught to unlearn what I learned before.  It was not easy.  But she was eager to help people to find happiness and her sincerity brought me back to her class again and again.  I gradually digested what she said and found help from her class.  With my Chinese cultural background, education and work experience I formed a deep-rooted personal perspective of life.  I did not realize that many of my worrying and unhappiness were related to my perspective of life. Now with the Happiness Specialist Rebecca’s many prescriptions for unhappiness I can go through daily life easier.  When I start to have disappointment with people I use Rx ” No expectation from other people” to abort my negative feeling.  When I feel imperfect about a situation I use Rx “who cares” and it quickly fixes my unpleasant feeling.  When offended by someone before I get upset I use Rx ” do not judge person if you don’t know everything about him or her”.  When there is a conflict with someone I use Rx “peace or drama” and try to solve problem peacefully to avoid unhappiness.  When I worry about things I use Rx ” live in present not future “.  When I worry about family members or friends I use Rx ” don’t get into other’s business” or Rx ” everyone has one’s own destiny “.  When I go through joy or sadness I use Rx ” No prolonged joy or sadness ” to regain my peace quickly.  One of her Rx is hard to take, that is ” try to find something good out of every bad experience”.  Frequently it is hard to find one and sometimes it may take a long time for the good cause to surface.  But it does help healing wound in heart to find the good thing.  As Rebecca said even if there is no obvious good thing found the experience can still help us to grow.  I especially like what she said “what’s really important things in life ” which help me to release some burden.  As Rebecca repeatedly reminds us that changing perspective is the key to find peace and happiness.  The world is still as chaotic as before but by continuing to practice changing perspective I find peace easily.

Thank you very much Rebecca.

Rose, M.D. CA

Oh, how I have enjoyed Rebecca’s classes. I first met Rebecca when she was instructing classes at a community center near me.  When I heard she was offering classes on line I could not wait to start them. She is always so upbeat and encouraging to make her students do better. She instills the confidence that we can all do a little better by taking baby steps and be consistent.   I had not exercised for months and was getting in a rut.  I am now moving better and am even a little more flexible. My balance has improved and I feel better emotionally and physically.

Helen T., CA  

“I have known Becky for some seven years.  She is the smiling face in a grim crowd because for her, life is a blessing. In the time of need, she is the one to turn to because she is so full of love and compassion.” 

Pushpa U., CA

“Rebecca is a teacher and a friend. Rebecca gives my heart and soul a “good” stir-up. She is a caring person who is very easy to get into your secret thoughts. She will go the extra mile to help in an honest and positive way. I love her very very much!” 

Cynthia S., CA

“Rebecca has a personal interest in all of her student’s fitness along with their ’emotional’ health. She doesn’t let her students slack off but encourages them to push harder. She personalized each class by remembering all students’ names. She if full of energy. Attending her classes has helped me combat feelings of depression and anxiety.”


She started out as my personal trainer and life coach and soon after became my friend, my inspiration and motivation. I love her.

She draws me to her classes each week; not only because of the workout, but also because of her humor and personal connection to each of her students. The continuous laughter and great workout are what motivates me to get out of bed each Saturday. Rebecca is such a positive force, and I aspire to have as much energy and enthusiasm for life as her.

Trish M., CA





Natalie D., CA

Rebecca’s impact on my life? I have been impacted by her in so many ways…I would need a ream of paper. Her high energy, her ‘tell it like it is’ outlook is refreshing. She founded and organized our ‘holiday hiking club” where all ages, individuals & cultures came together to share unforgettable moments while experiencing nature. She is amazing…I love her.

In the class I was challenged to embrace every moment as an opportunity to discover, grow and learn more about myself. With guidance from Rebecca, I’ve come to realize how labels and expectations subtract from my happiness and personal growth. I’ve learned how my behaviors can be unlearned with practice. I learned awareness and how to reduce my recovery time, spending less time dwelling and sulking on the negative. I also learned how my actions and responses can be  restorative and healing to myself and others. Most of all I’ve learned that personal happiness begins with the person I see reflected in the mirror. The happiness class experience has been empowering, joyful, fun and enlightening.

Eileen #3, CA







Laura M., CA

I started taking Rebecca’s Foam Roller Class at the very start of the Coronavirus 2020. As everyone, I was pretty much stressed out over a global pandemic. My friend recommended taking this class with Rebecca over Zoom. I am someone who hates exercise and now, I find myself looking forward to participating and making Rebecca proud. Her positive energy and sense of humor make this exercise regimen easy to endure. Thank you, Rebecca, for all of your encouragement to make us better women.

    Gail D., FL

A subscriber once told me that when she counts her blessings, she counts me twice. This is exactly how I feel about Rebecca L. Norrington. With Rebecca, it’s not just “what you see is what you get;” what you get—receive—is who she really is. One thing, out of many, I appreciate about Rebecca is the way she speaks and writes from a “we’re-all-in-this-together” perspective. She has a true gift for merging professionalism and fun when it comes to expressing her thoughts born out of her diligent attention to life and spiritual principles; and we are graced by her commitment to and enthusiasm for sharing her experiences with us.

 Joyce Shafer, LA

I’ve always told Becky that she is my therapist. I forget my problems or whatever I was depressed or stressed about just being in her presence. When I attend her exercise classes I receive the positive energies she puts out. Sometimes in fun, she would comment on my color coordination of my outfits and made the class laugh and especially made me feel very special because I knew right there and then I can be me without having to be perfect. She is crazy (the good crazy) at times therefore she made me forget about all my problems and that’s why she is my best therapist.

Judy A., CA

Rebecca is a life coach for fitness and confidence. She encourages us to reach our goals of being a happy and balanced person inside and out.


When a person reaches 60s, all they hear is ‘you can’t do this, you can’t do that, you are too old!’ Rebecca, however, has the opposite approach. You can do anything and everything! Rebecca has improved my condition to the point where I can still get on horses, ride a bike, dance, you name it. The best part is being able to keep up with my grandchildren. You can’t go wrong with her in your life.

Barbara M., CA

Thank you so much for being my inspiration for fitness and life! You spread laughter, fun and sunshine to everybody that is fortunate to be around you. You are my role model and I truly admire you. You are talented and caring. I cannot thank you enough for the positive influence you bring to my life.

Eileen #2, CA

A wonderful instructor and friend. She devotes her energy and enthusiasm to inspire me to exercise and to love my body. I have learned a lot from her about life and myself in the last 2 years.


Energetic, motivational and fun. An instructor who makes it a point to get to know her students. Rebecca forms a bond with each person. She pushes us to our potential even though we may think we can’t do it.

Janice DeM., CA

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